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The eighth book in the Harry Potter series. All copies of this book will be invisible to everyone except the owner, due to illegal book sharing, so everyone has to get their own copy instead of borrowing others, seeing as J.K. Rowling is a poor, struggling artist who needs every bit of profit she can get... right. (sarcasm, for those who didn't recognize it)
Person 1: OMFG! Harry Potter and the Dead Horse is coming out! Gee, I wonder why it has such a weird title... what do you think?
Smart Person: personally, I think it's no use beating a dead horse, like J.K. does... jeez, it must be fuckin' horseburger by now... figuratively speaking.
Person: Oh. I still don't get it.
Smart Person: See what I mean...
by RoseThourne August 10, 2007

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