Capital of Pennsylvania. Shitty one horse town with no plans to grow or develop culturally--no matter how much Mayor Reed and the pack of idiot Counsilmen claim they do.

Filled with the dregs of society whose only use in life is to serve the poor folks who have to go to that town to conduct state's business.

Populated with little kid punks (age ranging from 14 to 40) who wear their hats sideways, dress in oversized football jerseys, and drive their 1986 Tercels with the shiney rims to Eclipse or Dragonfly so they can "dance" with the skank whores from around central PA who can stick a bottle of Coors Light all the way down their throats and pull it back out empty.

And full of "G Money's" who make their living selling drugs and stealing, who don't see what a waste their lives are, but rather feel they are "representing, yo!"
Harrisburg is the only example of Harrisburg
by Cap July 02, 2004
Pennsylvania's capital..Home of Alison Hill(the brook aint shit), and Linglestown..the Squad N9NE Renegades hold it down. Linglestown is quite and its so easy to hustle the underground trade there...
Me: oh shit yo that bitch up in the brook posing as ManMan just got shot by one of the S9R!
by 17112 March 18, 2004
Very Possibly the most crappy own ever. Located east of monroe, OR, home to white trash, hobbos, small-time crooks, hippies, and, of course, the ocasional weed-head.
"whats that? you're a drunk from H-burg?"
by Werty5 June 16, 2004

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