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Item used by Choder Boy from the movie Orgazamo. Once a Dildo is now a Harpoon used to tie up villians. Evildoers Beware!
"Here, my Harpoontang should do the trick!" -Choder Boy
by Fat T and his hetero-lifemate Fitz September 15, 2003
(noun) whale-like female sexual prey; fat chicks
I am some kind of randy tonight. I don't care if I gotta plow Moby Dick, any harpoontang will do! Just don't call me Ishmael.
by somegeyeinCLE October 10, 2010
Harpoontang; Verb; Latin in origin;
1) To hunt down the sloppiest, drunkest, and largest fat chick at a bar
2) To meaninglessly stalk a "BBW" in hopes of getting blackmail nudes, or a way to blind ones self.
"Oh DEAR GOD MIKE! I can't believe you tried to harpoontang that chick. I swear to god her rolls were 3 times the size of her tits. How the hell did you get her off her Rascal/other kind of scooter, to do the shagnasty with her?"
by ThoroZaine October 08, 2009