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a female capable of frequently having casual sexual relations with different partners and is completely undiscriminative in the choice of sexual partners, hence being appreciated by everyone she knows. also known as a sex saint.
"my girlfriend is NOT a slut, she just a good practicioner of harlotry"
"i would love to go out with you, i am a harlot after all!"
by oriya May 10, 2005
A word meaning the same thing as whore, slut, prostitute, hooker, etc. The only difference is that it is much more hilarious than those other words.
My sister is a harlot. The reason behind this is that she has sexual relations with many men.
by Bloodbath 87 March 06, 2009
a prostitute or a hooker
see Mr. Ryan and his girl over there? i bet you 20 bucks she's a harlot
by KKsamantha December 30, 2011
An extremely attractive woman in the sense that her Neshama is radiant and her middos are perfect
Millie, Rebecca, and Bonnie were acting like harlots in the Beis Midrash last night!
by Bas Yisroels December 30, 2013
A harlot is what anyone named Charlotte is. An aloof slut that flirts with & leads men on with the impression she will sleep with them yet acts all innocent, using them for her own personal gain, then leaves them trailing behind. Meanwhile she has casual sex with other men regardless of her reputation and work ethic.
"See that harlot over there? Charlotte the Harlot. She's worse than just a slut. She needs to keep her c@nt shut!"
by Sniffy Klip May 25, 2012
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