Milwaukee's finest.
From the early 1900s to the '70s they were THE bike in America. From the '50s to the '70s, Hollywood did a great job of screwing up the biker image and the public perceived mostly only badasses or Hell's Angels riding Harley Davidsons (and for that matter, motorcycles in general..of course it was pretty hard to look bad or anything but stupid on the Japanese bikes of the day). During the AMF years posers started trading in their Hondas and getting into the act. When AMF finally got out of the motorcycle business (good fuckin' riddance), the image of the badass biker finally started to fade and the Hawgs started getting better, everyone wanted a Harley again.
The older badass bikers still think that anyone not living on his bike is a poser. The weekend warriors and new Harley riders could give a shit and all of them know that Jap bike owners are Harley owner wannabes with shit paying jobs and no money.
Am I looking a second bike? Yes, a Ducati Monster. Can I afford it? Yes. Will I trade my Harley for it? SHIT NO!! I'll ride the Ducati when the soul is dark and the death wish is upon me (or I'm just pissed at the neighbor's cat for shitting in my yard), but I ride the Harley when I feel the need to live and be alive.
Shit, man...look at the dumb ass on his oil leaking, noisy, slow moving piece of crap Harley Davidson. Gawd, I wish I had one.
by Cap'nJack March 19, 2007
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The most effective way to turn gasoline into noise without producing any horsepower
Wow that Harley Davidson is as loud as a semi, too bad it doesn't have the horsepower to get itself up that hill!
by CrotchRocketer May 29, 2009
A once proud brand of motorcycles that were originally only owned by legit badasses back in the day. Sadly sometime in the `80s posers got into the act and Harley Davidson began to become more concerned with merchandising rather than building decent bikes and it became acceptable for doctors, lawyers, and fat bald guys having a midlife crisis to ride Harleys.

If you own a Harley Davidson edition anything you're not a bad-ass you're a pathetic poser urinating allover the once proud name of Harley Davidson. Fuckin' trendys always ruin everything.
Harley Davidson is now the very definition of selling out.
by DennisIsEvil July 14, 2006
A twenty cent motorcycle with a twenty grand paint job (that rust will come through given time) corners like a jellyfish on acid.
Tom's Harley Davidson had rust coming through the paintwork, and it cornered like a jellyfish on acid.
by Euromark December 04, 2006
Once a great bike that was ridden by the baddest of the bad asses but has evolved into being the 2 wheeled sofas of RUB’s.
If you want something with a radio, GPS, a heater, cruise control and back support you should buy a sedan, not a Harley Davidson.
by Mr Wall July 13, 2006
harley davidson motorcycles. a all bark no bite cry for attention, unreliable, sounds very annoying and cant jump out of its own way.. most harley davidson riders think american bikes are #1 hahahaha.....
buy a harley buy the best ride a mile walk the rest

harley davidson
by slow ej2 March 17, 2008
Myth: Harley Davidson's are made in the U.S.A.
Fact: Most parts come from Japan and Germany.
LOL at all Harley riders: the joke is on you!

P.S. My bike, '97 HONDA CBR-900RR, will destroy your Hardley Ableson for dinner on the street or at the track. Don't give me that long ride B.S. either, I ride for hours straight and only stop for fuel.
Harley Davidson's suck, end of story.
by NatassataN July 01, 2006
The most effective machine at turning gas into noise without the side effect of horsepower.
"You hear how loud that Harley Davidson was?"

"So? It's slow, heavy, and can't turn or brake"
by Sondebeech April 15, 2010
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