Myth: Harley Davidson's are made in the U.S.A.
Fact: Most parts come from Japan and Germany.
LOL at all Harley riders: the joke is on you!

P.S. My bike, '97 HONDA CBR-900RR, will destroy your Hardley Ableson for dinner on the street or at the track. Don't give me that long ride B.S. either, I ride for hours straight and only stop for fuel.
Harley Davidson's suck, end of story.
by NatassataN July 01, 2006
The only motorcycle that requires a support vehicle on ride days due to unreliability. Overglorified and overly expensive, the riders IQ is often matched by the month of registration.
Why is it that you see more harley's on the side of the road than on it?
by Genghis August 01, 2004
Trailer queens. Overpriced, underpowered. Often referred to as "Hogs" which is a accurate description for pieces of shit. Posers and Homos and Wannabes own HD's. Hey, here's a novel idea, buy either a BMW or a Triumph. Dumb Fucks
That Harley is right where it belongs...on the shoulder of the road!
Better known as a Junkie Davidson (by me) or Hardly a motorcycle (by a friend). Mechanic work I did to these drunken engineering pieces of Korean pot metal with an American tag on them, and gladly never rode them except for test drives to see if they would somehow hold together. My best friend who was in the infantry in Korea in the 80s went on a USO tour of the harley davidson factory there, where they manufactured parts for junkie davidsons, crated and palletized them, and shipped them to the US for assembly. This is a real deal. I work in a place where many attempt to ride junkie davidsons to work. Many have had a lot of trouble with them. One had a large very expensive touring model and the cylinders became concave and he lost compression. That was a manufacturing flaw; HD would not even talk to him about it. Another had a brand new fatboy and the carburetor leaked all over his leg all the time. Another couple had a matching pair of touring model HDs. They told me that they were either in the shop before a bike run, during, or after, or all of the above. The man said they were in the shop more than on the road, and he and his wife traded them for two awesome Honda touring bikes and they have really enjoyed only having to do periodic services. They are actually getting to ride the motorcycle. Those Hondas were under $9,000 a piece, a fraction of the cost to buy and maintain a junkie davidson yard statue. I once replaced a "made in china" starter on a junkie davidson. I was not supprised when I opened the box, though I thought it would be much bigger though, maybe the size of an irrigation pump motor, with auxillary (not a real web site, for rules sake) I had a friend on my team in 5th Special Forces Group who was riding his junkie along on the way home and it crapped out on him 10 miles away, he pushed into the woods and left it. Good for him...Yes they are what the artsy crowd calls roadside museum art, or artifacts if you like, because that is where you find them. Permanently afixed to a road shoulder with an address hanging on them. You will find the government enviro nazis hanging around trying write them up for oil leak residue on the shoulder. junkie davidson, hardly a motorcycle, Korean pot metal, Chinese starter, drunken engineering feat.
The man's harley davidson would not start and we were all so soooo suprised!!!

The man's harley davidson leaked oil, and we were all sooo surprised!!!

Dick and Jane had harley davidson trouble all the way to the bike run, so their friend Matt rigged them an explosive charge and made microdust out of the junkie. Dick and Jane bought matching Suzuki GSXR 1000s (his blue and hers pink) and lived happily ever after....
by Suzuki Hayabusa and GSXR 1000 Rider September 11, 2007
A person who makes a lot of racket but does not go anywhere. Someone who thinks they are cool but are actually quite sad. Named after the Harley Davidson motorcycle because they make a bunch of racket and don't go anywhere, and often the people that ride Harley Davidson's think they are cool but are actually quite sad, and they have serious homosexuality issues.
Dude 1: Jimmy says his band has a record deal with EMI.
Dude 2: Ya whatever! Jimmy still lives at home with his Mom! What a Harley Davidson!
by docktergonzo May 03, 2009
The only thing big fat mother-fuckers get to ride beacuse of the way they drink beer and chicken wings.
Man1: Hey you fat fuck lets go eat wings and beer, then go for a ride.
Man2:Ok, lets go...
by Skubba-Steve April 26, 2005
anyone who thinks this is a wothwhile purchase is a fucking retard. ive seen mopeds faster than these peices of overpriced shit
fag- yeah i got a harley
dual sport - yeah you got a dick up your ass too
fag - yeah but i can fly a quarter mile in 16 seconds
dual sport - you're a fucking retard
by datsunface October 05, 2004
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