used in a negative way,
to describe a scum bag cockass jerkoff who lies about everything.

also described as a liar.
"Frank lied to me so many times, man that douche was such a harley"

"Son of a HARLEY!"

"thats a load of harley"
by candice&nicole April 30, 2008
Meaning small penis. Stemming from men with small cocks riding shitty bikes.
Guy one: "Man, look at that asshole on that bike"

Guy two: "Yeah dude, he's just making up for his small dick with that Harley"

Guy one: "Yeah, I bet he's got such a Harley"
by Hmmmmmmmmmmmmyeah August 05, 2009
N: A skank-ass boy who will do anything to be like his friends. This is a boy who is afraid of commitment that extends for more than one night.

V: To infest someone, usually multiple persons, with 3rd generation herpes.
Damn! I asked my date from last night if he wanted to go to a movie this Friday and he totally pulled a Harley, saying he had to wash his hair!

Oh maaan, I think I got Harleyed - there are huge oozing blisters alllll over my body!
by Perfect-a May 10, 2010
-Bitty who has little bitties

-The girl who they call: boog, precious angel, old fart she short, ugly, haghole, and a biotch. Thinks she is the shiz but she sure ain't. hag, nag fag. She always has boogers in her nose...she gags at the thought of her blowing her nose. She gags when you slurp up sauce from a straw. Thinks everyone is a physco!!!
-Harley's tits are so small...I can't even see them!!!

-Man! That Harley girl has the nastiest nose; I can't do anything right to her.
by i<3HSM3 December 28, 2009
A poor excuse for a motorcycle, often used to compensate for a small penis. Also see piece of shit
That dumbass bought a Harley.
by toolman30 December 20, 2005
harley, a cheating lying bastard who dates whores and dumps them after he gets down their pants. he talks shit about his girlfriends, and tells his gay little friends he had sex with them. when he didnt. dont trust them.
harley seems nice at first...think again.
by His past girlfriend August 15, 2010
Whore who takes pictures of her tits and sends them to her friends.
Whoa did you get those harleys? Nice tits!
by maniacman2591 July 10, 2008

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