Harley Is A Very Beautiful Girl, She Is Often Shy But Once You Know Her She Wont Shut Up. Harley's Often Have Blue-Green Eyes, And Can Be Very Stubborn, But Are Awesome Best Friends.
That Girl Is Definetely A Harley.
by Fab Masta~ May 24, 2015
A beautiful girl with huge, stunning eyes. Usually has brown curly hair and loves the color black. Very shy at first but once you get to know her she is outgoing.
Boy 1: Bro I just met this cute girl name Harley
Boy 2: Your so lucky!
by hottieboby April 23, 2015
A very competitive girl that can be annoying at times. She has the best eyes but isn't athletic nor like able.
Harley that bitch!
by Slideslideslippidyslide January 02, 2015
1. a motorbike i.e. harley davidson

2. an awesome guy, i.e. funny, hot, nice
1. Dude 1: dude thats a shitty bike..
Dude 2: i know aiee, who the fuck buys a harley?

2. Harley; i love that boy.
by rebeccarghemily February 29, 2008
The bestest most amazing person you will ever meet. If harley is for a girl she is beautiful and kind but aggressive when she needs to be
Do you see Harley over there she is so pretty
by Verhaar March 11, 2015
A beautiful brunette girl known to have big boobs or a big ass. She's amazing in so many ways and she can put the biggest smile upon your face! Some underestimate her talents, she's an excellent dancer and she is really good at Volleyball. She has a big smile and a big heart! Her only weakness is showing her spouse/partner how much she cares for them. She's amazing in bed & just like a Harley Davidson Motocycle she's LOUD!
Mike: Did you see that new girl?
Daniel: Yeah, she's brunette & has big boobs? I think she's a Harley!
by JuJubean March 13, 2012
1) brand of motorbike often ridden by bikie gangs, shared property for the whole gang to use as needed.

2) name of a dirty fuckteen skank, often ridden by bikie gangs. Shared property, to be abused as required.
1) hey, nice Harley. I'm gonna take it for a spin.

2) hey Harley looks pretty with your cum dripping off her forehead. I'm gonna fuck her hard. I love fucking a young slit with cum on her face. She loves it - it makes her feel useful.
by skumliterati March 11, 2015

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