Fictitious gangsta term used only by homies on the West Side of Brownsville who are not aware if Harlem residents actually use the term or not. Refers to when a bullet is shot at the top of the head, grazing the victim's scalp and leaving him/her bald.
"Ya'll better not mess wit Juan; I hear he gave Martin a Harlem Haircut after he messed wit his sista."
by Shadowfyoory April 04, 2004
Top Definition
when someone is asleep and you shave their head and put the hair in a bag and then you shave their pubes and put them in a seperate bag and then you cum on their head and their crotch and then stick their pubes to their head and their head hair to their crotch
when he was asleep, i gave him a harlem haircut
by poonchasers June 19, 2008
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