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Dropping a chicken wing in a pint of cheap beer, chugging it, then eating the chicken wing. This is usually done with hot wings, ranch is optional.
At the bar we started our night with a couple Harlem Car Bombs, then it got wild.
by Creator: Bone April 30, 2008
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A drinking recipe:

Step 1. Drop a chicken wing into a glass of beer.
Step 2. Drink the beer.
Step 3. Catch the chicken wing in your teeth.
Step 4. Devour the chicken wing.

For added enjoyment some add buffalo sauce and ranch to the wings... or even a wedge of watermelon to finish off the process.

Yelling: DIP IT, DROP IT, DRINK IT... is also customary!
Hey, happy birthday... let's grab some wings to go with our beer so we can do a Harlem Car Bomb to celebrate! You know what... get some buffalo sauce, ranch, and watermelon-- I REALLY want to blow this load!
by Mr the Z November 19, 2007
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