Delicious gummy bears, sweets or any type of jelly.

Kids and grown ups alike are fond of these sweets... and most cannot resist eating packets once opened.
Eric: Hey got any haribo's?

Ste: Yeah here, work away...

Eric: I FRICKIN love haribo's!!!!
by iKielo1 January 23, 2009
Top Definition
a delicious gummi treat.
that haribo was friggin awesome.
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
Pharmaceutical products in pill form.
You should have seen all the haribo they had available last night. The blue ones kept me 'up' all night
by PC Haribo October 15, 2013
A german candy company that failed to learn from the lesson from Frito-Lay's Olestra fiasco by putting a badly-flawed sugar substitute that had the same effect Olestra had back in the '90s into their sugarless variant of their gummy bears which caused a diarrhea epidemic that was much worse that what Olestra caused to those that ate the Frito-Lay chips that had it in the late 1990s
Sweet Fucking Jesus Charlie, You shouldn't have eaten that whole bag of sugarless haribo bears - that way our toilet will not only NOT smell like shit but also be accessible as well
by Raging Kitsune February 09, 2014
For someone to put sweeties down your trousers without your honest consent.
I was dancing with them then they "hariboed" me !

Unlucky mate, Hariboing is not a good thing unless you want it.
by Bobbyjimm May 08, 2009
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