Hardcore with a k. Hardcore (extreme, intense), but more so.
When spoken - "It was hardcore with a k!"
When written - "It was so hardkore"
by cakeandfinewine September 24, 2004
Top Definition
A sarcastic insult aimed at someone who tells others about their fights, crimes, drug usage, sex, etc...
by Francis November 25, 2002
to be hardcore but with a k. To make fun of someone who thinks they are hardcore
he thinks he has to be hardkore cause he finally got a pube
by ilikeeggs October 11, 2006
No love, No fear, No mercy... To be HardKore is to not give a fuck, and not be phased by bullshit drama. It also brings into effect the "Think before you speak" principle.
When shit's not going your way, keep your HardKore and it's all straight...
by KillerByte June 10, 2004
to inflict pain onto something or someone in a literary manner due to your inability to spell the word hardcore correctly
person 1- ex. "I am hardkore genocyde, and I will choke you out"
person 2 reply- "really, well if your wrestling is as bad as your spelling, then bring it on!"
by Spike Vedo August 21, 2010
When followed by "UK", it denotes a hot and cool Metalhead.
See the HardKore UK in the pit during (Iron) Maiden's set?
by Metal Ed May 03, 2004
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