home of the t"hickburger", another place shady wants to drive circles in the parking lot screaming "i don't give a fuk."
by deez nuts July 19, 2003
Low budget nasty eatery, where one can take home trichinosis or diarrhea.
Ugh, not Hardee's again, I just got rid of the shit today.
by Bunghole August 27, 2003
1. Noun- A fast food burger restaurant with exploitative advertising geared at the "red-blooded all-American man." With little exception, all commercial advertising in the southern United States in the 1990's and 2000's have included some ultra heterosexual male bravado and female T and A (tits and ass). One exception was a lesbian truck driver eating a burger with her foot on the dash of the truck and her hand on her crotch.

Also known for senior citizen discounts and over-priced fast food. Hardees is usually packed with white senior citizens every morning.
Person 1: "Why are there so many old people on the road this morning?"
Person 2: "They are all headed to Hardees."
Person 3: I refuse to go to Hardees until they put a positive female character in their advertising.
by BombACat July 18, 2010
Noun, Adjective

1. Expressing agreement to an issue
2. Form of greeting between ICQ users
3. Universal reply to any form of expression
4. Often repeated several times, can be transformed by the general form: X-ardee where, after conjugation, X is any enouncible English alphabet.
I'm going to go outside and play some basketball! / Hardee~!~!~!

Yo, wassup? / Hardee jardee mardee pardee...
by mike April 15, 2003
an adjective describing the most annoying man you work with. the person that makes you dread coming to work and hates every second of being in the same work place as him. He is super talented at interrupting conversations with his nonsense bullshit that he believes is important. The guy that everyone makes fun of for his funny looks, big head, and or awkwardly grown mustache that looks super ridiculous on his face. Also, he is the creeper that loves creeping on the new girls that comes into work and could also possibly creep on any girl he meets, attractive or not. He is pessimistic and can never be wrong. Basically, he is the worst person you can imagine.
Did you see that new 2nd Class Petty Officer that joined our squadron? Man, he is a hardee.

Did you see that girl that went missing a few days ago? Well apparently she killed herself because of that hardee she worked with.

Fuck hardee.
by Hardee's mother July 07, 2011
a restraunt in some cities like Omaha on L st., in Council Bluffs,and in other parts of the metrotropolises. there are 2,000 hardees restraunts in the USA!(:
i love the restraunt in council Bluffs hardees!
by buttmuncherr June 02, 2009
A fast food restaurant, also called Carl's Jr. in some areas. Some people cannot handle their food; as a result, they shit themselves for hours on end. It is not a pleasant experience.
Friend 1: Where's Bobby at?
Friend 2: He ate Hardee's earlier... catch my drift?
Friend 1: I will go get him some extra toilet paper.
by BlackSabbath1977 April 30, 2009
Hardee's is better than fast food in its typical sense. Hardee's is something wonderful, which happens to arrive quickly.
That girl came quicker than Hardee's.
by John Flint May 09, 2005

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