hardcore show rules, obide by these rules at a harcore show.

1. don't push or shove at the hardcore show.(don't fucking mosh! it's not a fucking mosh pit it's a fucking circle pit! so fuck off fucking moshers)

2. don't be a dick. (even though we can't stop you from being a dick, you should help people up after they fall, and if you see a shoe on the ground pick it up, and put it in the air, if no one claims it after 2 minutes, drop it...)

3. don't get drunk in the bar and then walk into the pit looking to harcore dance. (your basiccaly asken for a fight)

4. don't start a fight. (if you get mad because someone hit you, just brush it off, and then get in there and start HxC dancing.)

5. don't steal water from the people! (They payed 2-3 dollars for that small bottle of water. even asking for water is wrong. I your gunna steal water, steal it from the people who sell it for 2-3 dollars...those fucking bastards.)
The breaking of all but rule #2 of the hardcore show rules, gives everyone the right to beat the shit out of the person who breaks the rules...

But not everyone will, only a select few actually do it...
by David Avt. May 27, 2008
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