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a very lame scene that has developed from the emo scene, in which the males usually wear nike shoes, trackie bottoms or super skinny jeans with a big belt buckle, a hoody or hooded jacket with the hood up and a New Era or DC cap. there hair is either long fringe over one eye, or ridiculous block fringe that looks very silly, yet they think it looks cool under their caps. they have an angry attitude rather than the depressed emo attitude. they listen to shit fake screamo such as Enter Shikari and Hadouken. they are basically stuck between being emos and chavs, hence developing the nickname Chemos from some. they use ridiculous lingo they have stolen off chavs. they often go around stabbing bins and buying £20 knuckledusters for no reason. they are think they are very superior and that their ridiculous hair makes them look good.

NOTE these people are not hardcore kids, who are actually quite cool and original. these are following a lame scene that has stolen the name hardcore off the cool original people.
Normal person: hey man, hows it going?

Hardcore scene kid (H.S.K) yo blud, bare as, is is bare reppin wolf town fo' lyf blud, i is gona be shankin some of them greebos, then tappin some phitt girls that aint wastegash. thats just waste, innit?

Normal person: excuse me? what?

H.S.K.: what ya saying? ill shank your ass with my hardcore crew, we shanked some bins already, be careful
by joel guest July 24, 2007
very confused with sexuality, likes screamo alot, looks extremely gay but other scene chicks dig it apparently. has no interest in any good music. is obsessed with the letter x. always claims edge and then breaks it. pretends to like hardcore sometimes so they can dance like dumbasses. sometimes some of them will claim to like death metal but u should never believe them becuz the death metal bands they like are deathcore and r scene as well. scene kids also will tell you their not scene and that they are just being themselves but that makes them more scene.
hardcore scene kid= a very high level of gayness, blessthefall, underoath, deathcore,
by matias13 January 30, 2008
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