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n) (Also known as "hxc piano" or simply "hxcp"). Certain moments in songs when the artist breaks the song down to a piano riff that is, well, irrevocably hardcore. Similar to "air guitar" only incalculably more hardcore. Applicable to those moments in certain (trance) songs in which the artist (Rob Mayth, or possibly DJ Roxx) breaks it down to a piano melody that is incredibly legit, incredibly hardcore, and incredibly synthesized. You find yourself unable to do anything but play along and comment to those around you about the hardcoreness you are experiencing.
"Dude, Weekend has Come has far too much hardcore piano... I'm not sure I can do this while driving."

"When I listen to Baby I Love Your Way by Rob Mayth I find myself incapable of not breaking into the good old hardcore piano... I just can't help it."

Dude 1: "What happened to Horatio?"
Dude 2: "Oh, he died..."
Dude 1: "That sucks, how?"
Dude 2: "He was listening to Rob Mayth and driving fast, and that hxcp came on and, well, you know the rest...."
by Natalie Horler October 02, 2007
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