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any college student that manages to maintain solid A's in all of his classes, even though those classes include Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, and Organic Chemistry, while playing a very difficult and time-consuming sport at the university
Dude, where has Steve been? I havent seen him all year!

He never has any free time, dipshit! He's a hardcore motherfucker!
by QB23 February 24, 2010
7 1
Young 18 year old male suffering from chronic B.o. and nits. Who enjoys dipping his wick in pensioners

A.K.A Gary yates
Of leam spa
Pensioner A.K.A - Darrelle Bannister
Squirting ones BollockYogurt in A Pensioner (O.A.P.)
by Anton Marks November 02, 2004
30 37