A person, usually male, that is always talking about sex. He is always talking about ass that he does not get, but wants you to think he does.
Jimmy: hey Jason, did you go home with that girl last night?

Jason(Hardleg): Man, you know i did. We screwed all night. she couldn't get enough of me.
by gofishgo December 12, 2006
Top Definition
US Army slang for a man, in reference to his member. Often used plurally to denote a sausage fest.
"Ain't nothin' but a bunch of hard legs and no ass to be found!"
by Mister Priapus June 01, 2005
A term which old timers(my dad) use to refer to a bunch of guys or so he puts it "niggas".
Well son I didn't wanna get you a 4-door car.
Why not?
Cause I didn't want you to have a bunch of hard legs in the car with ya.
Hard legs??? fuckin old timer...
nothin nothin
by 313DeeBoi March 06, 2008
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