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straight up rejection
James: meet me at the mall let's hang.
Erica: naw, hard pass.
by thottie1 January 18, 2014
A Hard Pass is a consensual conjugal visit at a correctional facility between non-married or non-committed consenting adults who previously have little or no contact with each other. The hard pass is initiated by the non-incarerated party, typically drawn in by a picture of the jailed person.
When Brad saw the new story that Christina had been arrested trying to shoplift a bottle of whiskey, he went up to the jail and made a HARD PASS. A good time was had by all. It is different from being SHAWSHANKED because - one party is not in jail, and both parties are consenting adults.
by Mile High Smitty March 09, 2015
A strong maybe.
"Hard pass."
"I'll take that as a strong maybe."
by trevander October 23, 2014
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