when a guy goes down on you and you piss in his face
I heard he called me a dirty hoe so that night I gave him a hard lemonade.
by Nikki January 19, 2004
Top Definition
1 part lemonade
3 parts sugar
1 part swag in a bottle
DAMN!!! You didn't put no sugar in dis! Tastes like that nasty ass vitamin water stuff.. I'ma teach you how to make some hard lemonade.
by roll_tide_roll January 08, 2011
An alcoholic drink with Vodka and Lemonade.
9oz Vodka and half-can of Lemonade Concentrate is one HARD lemonade.
by SpikedLemon September 11, 2005
Adult Fanfiction (like "lemons") but of an extremely explicit nature. Lemonade being a fanfic with Lemons being the sex scenes in it, Hard Lemonade is used to describe the fanfics of an extremely explicit nature, usually written in gratuitous detail, leaving nothing to the imagination.
"I've read some good Harry Potter lemons before, but this latest update was nothing but hard lemonade! I had to take a shower after it!"
by harlita January 27, 2008
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