A mega moderator on PBNation.com who likes to ban people. when he bans people, he "harbinates" people.
Harb loved to drink beer and beer will never stop harb.
i got banned by harbinger for spamming the forum.
by unknown10 November 24, 2006
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An annoying Reaper that won't ever shut up when he takes over a Collector to try and kill Shepard. Also he likes to brag about the Reapers a lot.
Hey man, have you heard of that Harbinger guy? He's going around trying to intimidASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL OF THIS FORM
by Councillor Fingerquotes April 13, 2010
A sign,
A messenger,
To proclaim
by Larstait November 06, 2003
An illustrious super sexy beer hopper with the body of a God. *Buddha*. He is quite the enigma when it comes to locating him, seeing to as he is always at a pub. Although he doesn't have much hair, his curvaceous body makes up for it. Anyways, he is also a mega moderator on the ever-so-popular paintball forum, cleverly abbreviated as PbN. He has the power to ban people, and do pretty much whatever he likes. When he does such an act, it is called "HARBINATING". (You can get harbinated by the harbinger, who does the act of harbinating) He also has the power to do pretty much anything, including whipping up a mean filet mignon! He pulls most of the workload for the slacking moderators, along with sstruckguy and dager. Harb, I love you, because we know you are reading this. Consider this a proposal.

Love, you know who.
You can get harbinated by the harbinger, who does the act of harbinating.
by $tevo November 28, 2006
One that announces the coming or arrival of something/someone.
The Blood Moon...the Harbinger of the end times.
by The Jester of Madness! November 05, 2015
joke insult
hi ya harbinger, hows ya weekend?
by like id tell you March 03, 2004
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