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a funky disco pimp
man 1:whos that fat man dancing in his underwear
man2: har mar superstar of course
by squee November 19, 2003
PIMP who only gets hated on because he is white.
Har Mar Superstar is a playa and a pimp.
by Dan October 18, 2003
my idol. har mar superstar is the fucking coolest person ever. he dances like a pro and looks like a little greek taverna man.
H-A-R-M-A-R superstar!
omfg. why the fuck doesnt har mar have a waxwork? wow hes so cool.
A chubby, hairy, sweaty musical performer who sounds like N*Sync with a kinky twist yet all the hipsters, and girls, adore him. He is an amazing dancer and he rocks my panties off.
Har Mar hugged and kissed me after his show at the Troubadour last night.
by The CIA Took My Baby Away May 07, 2005
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