a shortened version of haha, lol, or any other phrase that has become basically cliche.
"did you see that girl's face?"

"har, yeah."
by Preston.. May 31, 2008
Top Definition
sarcastic laugh- way better than lol
"har har har har"
by Cracked Eg March 05, 2004
The basic lyrics for almost every Mumford & Sons song.
Person 1: Do you know that Mumford song that goes like "har, har, har"?
Person 2: Which one?
by HearmeHar September 23, 2012
when something just isnt funny...when its plain fucking lame..
"hahahaha what dumbasses they spelled burger king 'buger kin'"

"har dude...har"
by phil April 25, 2005
Can also be read/said as "Harr", "Harr harr", etc. You may also use all capitals, if trying to get the point across. It is indeed another form to laugh, which indeed makes everyone else giggle. Squares really only don't know what this esquisite word is. It is used by many people, and German teachers, around the globe.
Abigail: OMG my house reeks like salt
Maddie: HAR HARR HAR! abs, you're hilaious!
by apizzle October 04, 2007
To make a joke that plays with someone else's words and you think is really clever, but when you say it everyone thinks it is dumb and they laugh at you, but you never admit it is stupid.
Man 1: "Dude, my uncle is running for mayor"
Man 2: "Well, I hope he doesn't get tired while he's running!!"
Man 1: "Dude, why do you always HAR when you are with me?!"
Man 2: "UGHHH!!! I HATE YOU!!!"
by Harmaster June 03, 2007
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