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Another term for a Bounce-blower, which is a simple device used for masking the smell of marijuana. Essentially, it is a bare toilet-paper roll with a laundry sheet held over one end with an elastic and other laundry sheets stuffed inside. To use, one simply takes a hit (off a joint, pipe, bong, etc.) and then blows the smoke into the end without the sheet over it.
Joe: "Hey man, what happened to the happy-hoot?!"

Elliot: "Oh my God, I sat on it!"

Mitch: "Pwned!"
by Riverboy March 30, 2006
Another name for a Bounce-blower, which is a device used to cover up the scent of marijuana. Essentially, a happy-hoot is a spent toilet-paper roll with a sheet of fabric softener folded over one end (usually held in place with an elastic). It is recommended that the user also stuff a few extra sheets into the shaft of the roll, in order to help dissolve the scent.
Worried that his parents would find out he smoked pot, Alex secretly made a happy-hoot for his enjoyment.
by Zoomster April 04, 2006
Another name for a Bounce blower, which is an instrument used to cover up the smell of marijuana while smoking. A happy hoot (HH) is primarily a spent cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper with sheets of Bounce stuffed inside and another placed over the end (usually held on with an elastic). The smoker blows into the end without the covering, and the smoke comes out smelling less like pot and more like laundry.
Ollie: "I don't want it to stink in her after we sesh, my dad is coming home soon."

Joe: "Don't you have a happy hoot?"

Happy Hoot Man: "Never fear! The happy hoot is here!"
by Riverboy March 17, 2006
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