The region of pubic hair from the bellybutton to the crotch on guys.
Their is NEVER a happy trail on girls.
by misterguyy September 02, 2012
A trail to the promise land. Ending into a great forest and a difficult journey in which the pursuit of manhood starts and shows.

it's the hair from your belly button to the patch. I was just making wired for everyone reading it.
something women shouldn't have. if women have a happy trail. ewwwww
by ajmeeh6842 January 17, 2010
a line of hair usually starting at the belly button that leads down to the genital areas, it also helps to guide blind peoplez of the 20th century down to the genital areas.
blind dude:if it wasnt for that chicks happy trail i couldnt have finger banged her while she was knocked out.
by hala balooga March 27, 2008
a term used for the excessive hair from the belly button on down.
George shaved off his happy trail because he said it made him look too manly
by cacattack55 November 07, 2006
A line of cocaine stretching from the naval to the base of the penis on men and to the top of the vagina on women.
I snorted a happy trail off of the male hooker I called last night. That shit had me off the walls!
by ChadBroChill86 January 05, 2008
a thick line of hair on men going from belly button straight to pubes. it's kindof gross but appealing.
i knew he was a firecrotch from his red happy trail.

i found a grey hair in my happy trail this morning!
by wordmasta42 July 24, 2005
the trail of hair leading up from the penis or vagina (depending on weather its a man or a woman), to in between the breasts. sometimes it stops at the naval
see snail trail
shit, i forgot to shave my happy trail!

girl one:what do you use to get rid of your happy trail?
girl two: i prefer to go au natural
by someone named jess October 15, 2005

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