A craze where complete idiots in an attempt to gain popularity with their complete idiot friends film themselves attacking innocent passers by.
this happened to me once , there was 2 boys about my age and one had a video phone pointed at me and the other was walking over to me , the boy went to happy slap me and I headbutted the tosser right in the nose and chased his friend off. Though if it happens to you and theres more people , just run.
by FCUKIN CHAVS October 12, 2005
A bunch of cunting chavs who hit people when least expected and film it for fun
"I was sitting next to the dude who got happy slapped on the way home" - Mary
by Theoneandonlylaura June 27, 2005
A situation in which a chav or scally will approach you with the aim of filming you being slapped, punched, or otherwise inconvenienced, but instead gets a broken jaw, a hospital stay and his phone stolen.

The happy part is sending the video to every single person in the would-be perpetrator's phone, especially if there's one called "Mam".
If anyone tries happy slapping me when I am next in England then this is what will happen.
by Squealpiggy September 15, 2005
physical action of slapping unsuspecting people in public
this new game usually involves a gang of youths. what happens is 3 out of the 4 rowdy young teenage boys hide in a bush or concealed area usually with a video camera phone present whilst the other young male leaps out and slaps any unsuspecting member of the public across the cheek and then runs away. the victim is left dumbfounded and their reaction is caught on the video phone camera and is passed around school the next day.
by jesusjuice April 05, 2005
Happy slaps was first made from chavs 14 - 16 year old lads slapping an unsuspecting person at school or outside of school. Another accomplice records the slap on their phone which their dad got from the back of a black lorry. Usually, they are in groups because they are faggits who don't do it individually - victims can be women, blokes, anyone the pricks think are a suitable target.
"You are on Happy Slap tv"
by Elite March 30, 2005
A stupid craze where the victim is attacked, and the incident recorded. Supposedly against the law, although lots of incidents are not brought to police attention. Is not always to random people, can be someone well known to the attacker, and the violence can be a form of revenge. Not always teenage boys-I was 13 when I was attacked by a girl a year younger.
I was filmed at school having food thrown at me and my friends and then me being slapped. The teacher whose attention it was brought to gave punishment for the violence, not for the happy slap. Through lying and crying, my attacker managed to spread the rumour that I was the attacker, and her the poor discrimated victim.
by techygirl August 15, 2006
where any random person get slapped by nxt people on da street,bus or anywhere else. dis behaviour has led to people being attacked burnt, set on fire, beaten up and even killed!so dont do it. dis is usually caught on video with a camera phone so if someone is coming towards u with a camera phone pointing it at u LEG IT!!
someone is sleeping on the bus and a person comes up to them with a camera phone and slaps them right across the face and legs it.
by shershah June 11, 2005
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