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(noun) anyone having a birthday around the end of September or the beginning of October, indicating they were conceived on New Year's Eve/Day.
"What's up with that group birthday party?"

"Each one is a happy new year. I heard on the radio October 5 is the most popular birthday in the nation."

abc sex
by sally forth February 06, 2010
22 9
The celebratory point of when a guy pulls his penis out of a vagina then shoots his load all over shouting, "Happy New Year".
After a great sexession Jack pulled out and came all over Janes chest shouting, "Happy New Year".
by Pwise January 12, 2011
14 7
The phrase used at the New Year when the clock turns midnight and it becomes January 1.
Guy 1: Happy New Year!!!

Guy 2: Yo Happy New Year!!!

Guy 3: Yo but that New Year tho!!

Guy 2: Oh Shoot! Yo its mah boy! Happy New Year!!

Anthony Favata: Happy New Year!!
by HAPPYNEWYEAR! January 01, 2014
4 0
A phrase a girl says when she wants to give someone head.
(Girl suddenly feels the urge to give someone a blowjob)
"Happy New Year!"
by crayman777 January 19, 2012
3 7