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A Woman with everything you want, all in one complete package.


"You see that chick over there? Total happy meal"

"Dude....Thats my mom."
by Dre-dawg December 15, 2009
when a female gives you a golden shower while on the rag.
a dirty punk kid: "call me up when your flow is heavy girl i'd like to order a happy meal. "
by zina marina July 12, 2009
To alternate between eating out a woman's pussy and ass while 69-ing.
As she hovered over my face I got a happy meal, moving my tongue between her box and ass.
by Dr. Charles Dromedary March 26, 2008
This refers to receiving oral sex from a female. When a male fits his penis and testicles in a females mouth at the same time.
I tried to give that bitch a happy meal, but her fucking mouth was too small...fucking whore!
by slimslow September 08, 2006
Chicken and beer, simple as that
Fry me up a happy meal, bitch!
by bojzzle June 23, 2005
A barely legal good-looking mongoloid you consider dating out of desperation or for temporary pleasure.

syn. Kids meal
"That's Jeff's first girlfriend in three years. Get this. She's a senior in high school."
"Yeah, she looks like a total happy meal."
by VRB October 27, 2005
Recieving a handjob under the table in a fast food restaurant, while using ketchup as a lubricant. Mustard is also an acceptable variance.
We went to get a burger after the movie and she gave me a happy meal in the corner booth.
by Johnathon Smithly June 27, 2005