Noun-Used to refer to high grade prison alcohol or hooch produced inexpensively and in bulk.
Hey Dan-o! when are you going to make more happy juice?

Hey pass me the two liter of happy juice.
by Dan-o the drunk August 26, 2008
Stuff that comes out of a guy's world of wonder place when he gets really "HAPPY."
There's a lot of happy juice on that floor...
by Ms.Know-it-All January 20, 2009
any intoxicating beverage i.e tequila, whiskey,etc.
Momma be lit on the happy juice huh?
by Captain Beef March 13, 2005
the stuff that comes from a penis when a guy gets a little too happy.
so, lia. did u get shot with happy juice this weekend?
by manda and lia November 14, 2006
When one farts and a bit of moisture now resides on their underpants.
Damn son...I think some happy juice came out on that one.

Is that Happy Juice all over the seam of your boxers?

by Rizzarected October 26, 2006

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