The most idiotic thing to say in the place of Merry Christmas. By saying happy holidays you actually mean Thanksgiving and Halloween as well as Christmas but some people think they're offending people with other religions by saying "Merry Christmas" and not "happy holidays". By saying it you have no respect for yourself.
Bob:Happy holidays!
Joe:Never knew you hated yourself that much.
by Centipede777 December 23, 2011
A word said on 4/20/420, the stoner holiday to celebrate getting stoned.
Also see happy holidays.
"Happy Holidays! Wanna go get stoned?"
by Minnesotasucks April 20, 2010
A greeting used by pussies and people who are obsessed with being politically correct, meaning "Merry Christmas!"
Joe: Rob! Happy holidays!
Robert: Joe, you have known me for four years. You know that I'm christan. You don't have to say "Happy holidays," to me. Merry christmas!
Joe: I'm jewish...
by LL Cool Jen December 24, 2009
I have heard high school students use this phrase after completing a drug deal, perhaps in reference to the anticipated departure from reality.
"Here it is. Happy holidays."
by nevernevernever March 07, 2009

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