The bird. The manual fuck you. The middle finger of derision, hate and discontent. Normally used in the same manner as "flipping the bird," in this instance styled "hoisting the happy finger."
Malcolm hoisted the happy finger at the cops, who promptly beat him senseless with their batons. Gennifer flipped a happy finger at her mother, who grounded her until her 21st birthday.
by Zazbek December 31, 2012
Top Definition
A description of the random pressing of letters excitedly when using instant messenger or chatting. Antonym of Angry fingers.
a_special_knome: OMG!! i so just won us tix to da WRPDtr!!
an_idiotic_haxor: OMG NOFKNGWAY!!! asfjklaj kjakfaskldhfkjhagkjjfdjkdl!!!
a_special_knome: gahhh!! happy fingers!! lkahsdfkahkjghakkafdahkjhkfajhakjh!!!!!
by MandyM*** June 14, 2006
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