Happy anniversary from escaping from the womb!
Happy birthday to you,happy birthday...
by gamer_77 January 11, 2015
1) A gathering/celebration of why our not special or no one cares 2) Everyone/everything has a date of creation, hence the birth day. 3) Just another bullshit holiday for the already barely-getting-by-on-my-shitty-pay-month-to-month pay checks so to become pressured to celebrate the many and continue to make those in power richer (why they sleep) and you go back home to your programmed existence.
Ex. 1) Friend A: "It's my birthday today!"

Friend B : "Hey, Happy Birthday!"

Ex. 3) Friend A: "It's my birthday today!"

Friend B : "Hey, Happy Birthday!"
by Punktileus1 September 09, 2011
a good comeback; you could say this if the person you are come-back-ing with has already used the 'your face' comeback
you : YOU'RE A FAG
person : your face is a fag
by sdfksd May 03, 2006
Having sexual intercourse with a woman while she is giving birth. This could or could not result in possible intercourse with the new born. It must take place after the woman's water has broken and should be celebrated as the first birthday present the baby receives.
"Dude, whats wrong with your baby's face?"
"Oh, after the Happy Birthday I gave her, her mouth might be a little off."

"The baptism was okay but I felt awkward being the godfather and the one to give her and her son a Happy Birthday."
by jfacefive August 19, 2011
The act of taking your cum or sexual juices and slapping the person with it while exclaiming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
Drew gave me the best Happy Birthday last night. It was really wet!
by neverlie August 18, 2008
When your wife: (1) after a few alcoholic beverages picks up a hot horny brunettebabe with a nice ass and brings her back to your hotel room for some good times (which include you), and 2) doesn't bust your balls the next day over it. Note:(Strippers are often an integral part of a Happy Birthday)
"My wife loves me so much, she made sure I had a Happy Birthday this year"; or
"Let me know if I'm going to have a Happy Birthday - I'll make sure I bring Viagra/Cyalis/Levitra."
by Lou K. Mades March 07, 2006
on a mans birthday his spouce/girlfriend must make all of his favorite foods, then he proceeds to jizz all over them and his spouce/girlfriend must eat them all and if she fails to finish she must put it all in a tupperwear container and save it for later
i made jenny give me a happy birthday yesterday....she was so pissed
by WobbaWobba September 16, 2006
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