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Happy Birthday to anyone who's bored enough to look up happy birthday on their birthday...
Birthday girl: I'm so bored, I'm gonna look up happy birthday on urban dictionary.
by Ica May 29, 2013
When it's your 31st birthday, and you live on your own, with no wife, have a crappy job, no friends and no money, this is what you say to yourself in the mirror before bursting out into tears.
Happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday dear meeee,
happy birthday to... I suck! Waaaaaah!
by Me. October 10, 2004
I would define you the song,
but it's unfortunately copyrighted.
small, innocent child: happy birthday to you..

corporate: hey! bad child!
by Clark Buck January 22, 2008
9 months before this date, your parents decided to have unprotected sex
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. happy sex day to your parents!
by skank-a-ma-phone February 28, 2011
happy-whatever reason im giving this small insignificant piece of crap to you.
Should be said with enthusiasm.
person, whilst handing someone else a half empty tube of toothpaste:Happy Birthday
by cheeseflambe July 20, 2009
The act of performing a celebratory ejaculation on to your partners chest , followed by a quick reversal to release a confetti filled fart on your partners now cum filled chest.
Man Billy surprised me with one hell of a Happy Birthday last night, I am still wiping confetti of my tits.
by Peeonus Virgins October 12, 2013
a good comeback; you could say this if the person you are come-back-ing with has already used the 'your face' comeback
you : YOU'RE A FAG
person : your face is a fag
by sdfksd May 03, 2006