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Chilli was so happy, it made me happy.
by Queso-Cheez-itz April 30, 2011
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An adjective used to describe someone who is smart and positive. To be happy, you just have to take a deep breath and smile. It's as simple as that. There are millionaires who have so much material things but aren't happy. At the same time, there are poor farmers who are completely happy and satisfied with whatever they have. This simple proves that happiness has to come from the inside. It doesn't have to do with what things you have or don't have. If YOU looked up this word, you're probably NOT happy. If you WERE happy, you'd be busy doing other things. So, I'm telling YOU! Just be happy! See the positive things in your life and be thankful for them. It's really easy.
Rich teenage guy: I have so much stuff in my house but my parents are too busy to even talk to me. Now I take drugs and got some whores.

Middle-class teenage guy: That sucks, dude. My parents are OK but I'm pretending to be emo so I can get that hot chick next door.

Poor teenage guy: Man, you guys are so lucky. I can't even eat three times a day.

Me: My life's not perfect but it's OK and I'm happy that it is. All good people should be happy.
by Codename 48 aka Hell Saint November 22, 2007
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1) to be feeling great or like ur on top o the world

2) 2 be stoned or high or wutever. u dont got to be happy when your stoned. u can also be depressed or angry.

3) when u see a guy or girl that is real sexy and u know you got a chance with them. ;)

4) a great song by Mudvayne
1) Bob: Yeah, I am so happy.
Bob's girlfriend: I had sex with Tim last night
Bob: I am so happy.

2) Bob: hey do you got some pot?
Tim: Yeah, we gonna b happy tonight. i'm gonna get laid!

3)Bob: I hope I can hook ^ with her. That would make me so happy.

4)Bob listening on headphones:"Peel me from this skin, Tear me from the rind
Does it make you happy now?
Tear meat off the bone, tear me from myself
Are you feeling happy now?"

by The adventures of Bob and Tim September 03, 2005
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The state of being enthralled after a couple shots of your favorite alcoholic beverages.
Damn, I am a happy mother.
by --a0a-- February 26, 2003
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Three Definitions:

1) A positive feeling or excitement.

2) Cheerful, or willing to help

3) Adjective stating something completely random as adorable or funny or extremely entertaining or even wierd.
1) I'm happy to hear that!

2) I'd be happy to help! YAY!!!

3) OMG, that book is so happy...
by SatChan June 06, 2006
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the feeling you have after a great fuck.
Damn, that shit made me happy!
by Siphon April 01, 2003
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All day every day state of mind example that hate is wrong no matter what form it comes in. whether you are a slut rack that has the nerve, gall, audacity, to call you slut rack best friend that she/he is a slut.
Coined from my favorite song, "Don't worry be happy," bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks, if you by them a drink you can show them your dick. Hooha!
That even goes for the in the closet freaks that judge other when they do the same exact thing other people do and banter on.

BitchN: "Wow did you see that slut?"
StutN: "Wow she's such a bitch, I'm so hot I bet I could fuck her boyfriend.
Woman: See you two idiots later, I have two great kids and a good man waiting at home for me I need to go make some dinner for.

SlutN & BitchN: We've got sitters cover for us with our men so we can have ladies night;)

Woman: Whatever, just leave me out of your cock hunt. I'm too happy in life to cheat on a good man.
by IWolfDgScarcamspasmKasm January 19, 2010
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