h- helped
hey wat did you do yesterday?
i happy!

by dagreatassshit July 10, 2008
A positive way of saying herpes
Hey guys guess what, Ive got the happies!
by Mike August 22, 2003
A gentle, laughing like reaction to something funny or something your proud of. Being this, happiness is the plural
I am having a happy day

I am so happy because I finished it by myself!
by Cassandra Fuziness March 17, 2015
A feeling of strong elation.
Lily was so happy she could fly.
by Flame thrower July 15, 2014
1) (adjective) A feeling of overwhelming joy, self satisfaction, or the thought of being somewhere that is of ideal nirvana.

2) (noun) a prostitute
1) "Dude, Mikey looks so happy!"

2) "Dude, Mikey, look at that Happy's ass! Its the size of Montana, and her boobs are twice as big!!
by Michael Jackson's devil child April 16, 2009
A satisfaction of somekind or just a way of telling someone how they feel

Tom: I'm so bored I'll go on urban dictionary.com and write a random definitionis for happy.

Fred: Eh.. I'm pretty happy...
by Lemons rock December 28, 2008
The feeling you get when all seems right in the world.
Happys is bigger than just being happy it is an environment filled with smiles, greetings and kind deeds.
I love the Holiday Happys.
I thoroughly enjoyed the happys felt thorough the event.
by xoxomomxoxo December 09, 2011

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