The best actor in the regular cast of 7th Heaven.
Happy plays the Camden family dog, also named Happy.
Aw, I love when Happy barks at the end of the theme song! It's the best part of both the song and the show!
by Nat Rator June 18, 2004
bucky, cheerful, overly joyous all the time, can put people in a good mood upon interaction with
madelynne "bucky", a theater girl with plenty of girlie intuition, who finds joy in being on a boat or banana earrings, that gets excited when pudding is mentioned, and happy when there is a possibility of toyama.
by realproblempsycho April 06, 2010
The sum of all good things; the individual happy things coming together as one.

Also, the plural form of a number of happy things.
Thinking about her happies gave her solace despite the harsh, unforgiving climate.
by neant July 07, 2006
Simply an e-motion (energy in motion) just like all other phenomena that arise through the body floating above the natural human undercurrent of peace. As with all energies in motion it comes and goes. Some idiots a while ago figured they'd screw with mankind and make them think that a certain emotion was better than all the others. I mean really come on guys how stupid did they think people we were? Oh wait.
Muskrat: Hey Ravi are you happy? I'm sort of sad because my muskrat jelly just got stolen.

Ravi: Dude man, you can't define your emotions just follow Buddha's teachings bro you'll realize your true peaceful nature eventually.
by MirroringAwareness March 01, 2010
Small gifts/presents that are meant to brighten someone's day. Often used when the gift is too small to really be deemed a "present", so it's just a little happy. Sometimes happies are given for no reason at all. Happies are different than gifts because there is usually no expectation that the recipient will reciprocate.

Commonly used in the southeast.
I baked brownies last night and brought them in as a happy for everyone at the office.

My best friend was feeling really down so I got her some little happies from the bakery.

My mom sent me some exam week happies - candy, hot chocolate and new lip gloss.
by girlindallas December 23, 2009
One of the seven dwarfs... the cheerful one.
I rear-ended a car at lunch today. The driver gets out and, OMG! he's a dwarf. He comes up to my car and declares, "I am NOT happy!!" So I said, "Okay....So which one are you?"
by hinder90 February 09, 2008
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