1) (adjective) A feeling of overwhelming joy, self satisfaction, or the thought of being somewhere that is of ideal nirvana.

2) (noun) a prostitute
1) "Dude, Mikey looks so happy!"

2) "Dude, Mikey, look at that Happy's ass! Its the size of Montana, and her boobs are twice as big!!
by Michael Jackson's devil child April 16, 2009
gay, fuity,he-male, homosexual,akward.. not strait..a guy who act like a woman
man, this kid looks really happy
by N/A/P January 03, 2008
Secret code word for horny. The feeling induced when one listens to "Play" by David Banner. The feeling of happiness is cured by a quick, vigorous tug on one's lovelength/sticky finger parade, or simply unleashing your happiness on a poor, unsuspecting person.
Anna is very happy today.

Anna will be very happy tomorrow.

by Phil... November 25, 2006

a term of endearment for herpes: any of several inflammatory diseases of the skin, esp herpes simplex, characterized by the formation of small watery blisters
Oh man! what's that on your lip? Happies? You do know that cold sores are a type of herpes?
by cockbeer December 12, 2010
Happy is an acroynim for "healthy and positive pothead youth"
dont be sadd(students against drunk driving) be happy!
by White Wolf December 30, 2004
politically correct way of saying gay; often used by chatroom censors

this is happy, i'm out of here
by jasonesss April 06, 2008
noun; 1.one who is extremely stoned . . 2.or just hyper and giddy. . orr. . 3.one who is extremely intoxicated
1. Alex furnelli is such a happy
2. Adriann is such a happy
3. Gia is a wicked happy but im very dissapointed in her
by jessica March 18, 2005
To intoxicated to feel othewise.
im happy :-)
by den March 26, 2003

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