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1. The deepness of your eyes
2. Your smile
3. How shy/coy you can get
4. When you are changing and you get shy
5. Seeing you in a white t-shirt and shorts
6. Your stubbornness
7. Your financial astuteness
8. How you stick to your word
9. Your values
10. You know that life can be unfair
11. Your intelligence
12. You can bring whatever the situation requires
13. You’re electronic and technology savvy
14. Your kindness
15. How gentle you can be
16. When you "begin" something, how you stick with it
17. Your maturity
18. Your commitment to your work
19. Your sensibility
20. How you "saved" yourself for that one special woman
21. You don't take things for granted
22. You realize that in life things are not "free"; one must work for them/themselves
23. You love movies (even the occasional weekend morning movie!)
24. You trust me with your body when we make love
25. Your awareness of worldly events
26. You have no time for nonsense or deceit
27. How when I come over you always straighten up your room (at least put it under the desk in an organized manner!)
28. That you are in touch with your feelings
29. Your hugs
30. Your kisses
31. How little children are drawn to you
32. You honor your parents
33. Your ability to relate to kids
34. Your kindness when my parents have needed help with things
35. How I can depend on you if a crisis comes up (car towed)
36. Your hot lips!
37. Your big nose!
38. Your faithfulness
39. Your soft, yet strong, hands
40. The fact that I learn new amazing things about you everyday
41. How we can still say or do the exact same thing at the same time
42. Your extreme patience with me even when I push it to the limit sometimes
43. Your booty
44. The gentleness of your hands
45. You have a gift for making people feel at ease with you
46. That you do not swear
47. How you follow the rules
48. That if the sign does not say cross, you wait until it does, even if there are no cars coming
49. That you make me want to be a better person not only for myself, but for you
50. How you try and understand even those extremely tough situations in which you are not familiar
51. How you know me so well
52. You are the very first person whom I was able to hang out with, without being under any influences
53. How we can laugh together
54. How we can cry together
55. You see the divine in people and things
56. How you are able to maturely deal with my flatulence
57. How after almost 3 years you still open the car door for me
58. That you have a good relationship with your family; mom, dad, and sisters
59. You try to always play fair
60. That you are willing to try doing new activities with me
61. When you wear glasses occasionally
62. That you like to learn new things
63. How you can admit when you do not know something and pursue finding the answer
64. When you take my hand in the movie theater
65. How you get easily embarrassed sometimes in public with me
66. How in the morning when we wake up and you grab a piece of gum to be respectful of your mouth gene
67. How you are able to take control of a situation where you are the stronger one
68. That you love doggies
69. How much you’ve taught me about life and myself
70. The fact that you are good at fixing things or putting things together by hand
71. Your zest for life
72. Your love for life
73. The fact that you would make the best father anyone could ever ask for or hope to have
74. The way you talk
75. The way you walk
76. Your vast knowledge about EVERYTHING….well almost!
77. How you sometimes give up things you’ve wanted just for my benefit
78. The fact that you were willing to take a chance on me
79. That you like to take walks in the outdoors
80. People know they can depend on you when you say you will do something
81. Everyday you teach me to appreciate life
82. Your honesty in everything you say
83. You are very supportive of others (me!), when they believe in themselves
84. You are cute when you are mad
85. You are stubborn, yet passionate
86. You are serious, yet can "snap" out of it and be silly with me
87. How you are never able to remember jokes, yet when you do you get excited and always share
88. You smack my booty
89. You are not nosey, just terrible curious
90. You always drive cautiously; err very, very slowly, when I am in the car
91. Your knowledge of ""useless" trivia; it will be useful one day!
92. The way you roll your eyes
93. When I am washing dishes/at the sink, how you sneak up behind and put your arms around me.
94. How you know Spanish pretty well and always like to translate, even when not necessary!!
95. How you are willing to let me have the volume remote! Knowing I cannot hear too well!
96. You don't let people push you around
97. Rather then lead or follow, you walk beside me.
98. How at time, your childlike awe and wonder will show
99. You don't let me forget that you think I am sexy
100. When we stepped out of the Chinese restaurant (Columbia) and we saw a double rainbow we stayed for a while looking at it, sharing it with others and you patiently waited for me to take pictures. I love that you valued that rainbow.
101. Your face lights up when I walk in the room
102. You always try your hardest to hold Rusty down when I come in the front door (I do notice!)
103. You don't worry about looking foolish the first time you try something new.
104. You are so calm, logical and reasonable; as I am much more unpredictable, your personality balances mine perfectly
105. How our bodies fit together soooo perfectly
106. That you care about the environment
107. You always conduct yourself with manners
108. You are a good conversationalist
109. You can let yourself be vulnerable
110. You know right from wrong
111. You vote
112. You will go out of your way for your friends and family

This list was so easy to write, but also so hard because I was limited to how much I could write for the site; I have at least a 100 more I could add to the list and I hope it to be open-ended.

Happy 3rd Valentine’s Day King Cobra

From Sugarboobs
happy valentine's day from sugarboobs to king cobra

by Marianne Sugarboobs February 12, 2007
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