a term used for the excessive hair from the belly button on down.
George shaved off his happy trail because he said it made him look too manly
by cacattack55 November 07, 2006
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A path of pubic hair that usually starts at the belly button and ends in your pubes, it is really sexy on guys.
Let me run my fingers down your happy trail so i can come to the trasure at the end.
by csraemw August 15, 2004
a path of hair that starts at the belly button and end somewhere in the pubic region. It doesn't look very good on girls.
That girl has a happy trail, they call it a happy trail, but nobody is happy after seeing it. They should call it a sad trail.
by MCSD April 13, 2005
Path of hair from navel to crotch, sometimes past navel

also known as "stairway to heaven" and "garden path"
his happy trail was hairy
by Ian March 05, 2005
A super sexy line of hair, usually on males, that runs from the navel to the 'genitals.' When I say super sexy, it's only super sexy on guys...not girls...
I told him I liked his happy trail and he asked me if I wanted to see it all...
by nicole March 11, 2004
1. The line of pubic hair which extends from the belly button to the pubic region.

2. The hair that always gets caught in my belt buckle when I stand up, often causing terrible pain.
Ouch! My happy trail got caught in my belt buckle.
by Nunya Business June 17, 2004
A line of pubic hair that extends from below the belly button to the pubic hair around the genitals. (Usually guys have it)
That is a might long happy trail you got there.
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
the line of hair that goes from a mans bellybutton to his pubes VERY SEXY
happy trails are really really hot on guys
by happytrailsareSEXY September 13, 2009

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