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tissue used to wipe off bodily fluids expressed as a result of masturbation, typically from a male, but also applicable to females.
CB: How long has it been since you've been laid?
Jane: It's been a while...
CB: Oh that why I saw all those happy tissues near your bed?
Jane: Yup! I conk out afterwards and forget to clean up.
#masturbate #jerk off #punchin the munchkin #rubbin one out #wiggling
by 2PWC January 26, 2009
Tissues in which a male ejaculates rather than blows his nose.
Guy 1- Hey dude, looks like your roomates not getting any.

Guy 2- How do you know?

Guy 1- His trash is full of Happy Tissues
#ejaculate #cum #masturbate #jizz #five knuckle shuffle
by Wordwizzzard March 04, 2009
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