a cigarette containing weed which is also laced with another drug.
Hey, lets smoke some happy sticks.
by smartypants October 06, 2004
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"Happy stick" is a slang term that can be used in reference to large-capacity Glockpistolmagazines containing 33 rounds of 9mm intended for use in the Glock 18 fully-automatic machine pistol. These 33-round Glock 9mm magazines fit and function in other 9mm Glock handguns and are extremely popular with shooters. A .40 S&W caliber version of the "happy stick" exists that is reported to have a capacity of 22 rounds.
I'm going to stock up on happy sticks for my Glock before they get banned.
by RDM1984 January 16, 2011
a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine
hey I got some dope...you got a happy stick ?
by Jonny Phoenix August 26, 2013
A Marijuana Joint Dipped in PCP
One hit of that Happy Stick and John is buzzing.
by Toneman November 14, 2012
term for a crack-pipe, usually used in the presence of non crack-heads, parents or THE MAN. Usually a re-furbished brillo-stuffed broken round-ball, as tweakers have a tendency to drop the ball
yep- she did it again,I heard it hit the floor. Well I'll convert the broken round-ball into yet another happy-stick!
by J.ALEXANDER June 28, 2007
A pet name for the penis.
Mary played with Johns Happy Stick.
by David May 04, 2004
A sword that u play with ;)

HEY! lets go and play with our happy sticks... we could have a huge fight with our swords :D
by #"!'--XxX--'!"# January 04, 2010

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