Between the hours of 0800 and 0900 on ship, the ship's XO forces everyone to clean, sand and paint the ship's pways despite the fact that the ship is 20-30 years old and broken down; this time of ridiculousness is what is called happy hour. Most military members rock out to tunes of their choosing during happy hour because alcoholic beverages and prescription drugs are not available, and it is hard to endure cleaning the same shit every fucking day. Some ship XOs go so far as to host, "happy hour competitions," to rouse military members to compete against one another, despite the fact that when you do the same thing everyday it is technically not a competition, you fucktard.
Dude, did you see that chick cleaning at today at happy hour? I'd totally bang her in a fan room, dude...
by #YouCan'tForceUsToGiveAFuck April 05, 2011
When you get two girls in Sousa Domincan Republic instead of one. Threesome
In Dominican Republic they call threesomes Happy Hour.
by garythegreat1967 May 20, 2010
A time at which it's too early for dinner but too later for afternoon tea, at such time so one consumes 'nibblies' (hips, nuts, cheese and crackers) and alcohol with others to make the time between meals go faster :)

*Australian Slang* often used by those accustomed to camping or spending their days doing nothing.
"Hey it's 4:30pm when's dinner?"
"Lets have happy hour then, I'm hungry"
by muso91 September 20, 2009
The Time When You Masturbate.
9am To 10am Is My Happy Hour
by Rasengan! May 09, 2009
Unrelated to the 'cheap drinks' definition, Happy Hour is a card game that can be highly amusing under the right conditions. It is usually played with a single deck, though multiple decks can be used. Any number of players can participate, and generally the more the better. The game begins with the deck being evenly divided among the players. The object of the game is to get all the cards.

That's it. No other rules.
One way to play 'Happy Hour'
4 players
1 deck of 52 cards
13 cards each
by John Maitland Welch May 18, 2007
when you imbibe great quantities of depressants
Since booze is considered a depressant, the term happy hour is an oxymoron
by FranktheTank360 December 04, 2006
(1) n. A social gathering in Calhoun College that features free food, free arteriosclerosis, but no alcohol. None. (2) n. Another apparently unrelated event that is "happy" only because you just drank your way into oblivion for less than $9.
"Wow, that happy hour at Calhoun College was such good, wholesome fun!"

"Let's go to that other happy hour; I hear that there's alcohol!"
by hounSobriety October 20, 2006

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