Between the hours of 0800 and 0900 on ship, the ship's XO forces everyone to clean, sand and paint the ship's pways despite the fact that the ship is 20-30 years old and broken down; this time of ridiculousness is what is called happy hour. Most military members rock out to tunes of their choosing during happy hour because alcoholic beverages and prescription drugs are not available, and it is hard to endure cleaning the same shit every fucking day. Some ship XOs go so far as to host, "happy hour competitions," to rouse military members to compete against one another, despite the fact that when you do the same thing everyday it is technically not a competition, you fucktard.
Dude, did you see that chick cleaning at today at happy hour? I'd totally bang her in a fan room, dude...
by #YouCan'tForceUsToGiveAFuck April 05, 2011
Top Definition
Where the worst selling and nastiest tasting alcoholic beverages are sold for half price to a bunch of alcoholics too drunk to notice.
Kids like happy hour, because afterwards they get to roll the drunk.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 23, 2004
Time when you go to the bar and drinks are half off. Time when most cheap people get fucked up.
Also see crunk
i was so messed up after happy hour i went out went down on the guy with the manboobs!
by honest October 14, 2003
Situation when you wake up 1 hour before alarm, and realise that you can sleep that period.
Oh it's 6AM, i have 1 more hour... happy hour.... zzzzzzz!
by MCiGGzy August 01, 2010
Takes place usually every Friday from 4-7pm. Used to celebrate the upcoming weekend, break from work, school. Adults usually go to a bar and drink, teenagers throw a special occassion, go to their friends house, maybe go to their girlfriends/boyfriends place and have sex, (for some reason teens do it these days), or just chill. Has been banned in Boston and the rest of Massachusetts.
Hey, schools out, wanna do happy hour smoke some cigs at my place and get stoned?

by Berg One December 11, 2009
Happy Hour use to be about hitting the bars on a Friday evening to start off the weekend properly. Bars knew this and offered Happy Hour deals for beers on tap and well drinks typically between 4pm-7pm. Apparently over the last few years restaurants have decided to shit all over that and make it about food deals and any time of the day or week, so it's no longer about letting off a bit of steam and starting the weekend off properly but instead it's about shoving as much food in your face for under $10.
I was invited to go out for Happy Hour but it was on a Sunday at noon.
by Bajeezus September 25, 2013
The first hour of a exam session after which students are allowed to leave the examination hall.
Rob has studied whole night for the exam therefore he isn't leaving at happy hour.
by Reet Awwsum March 03, 2014
Derived from the mullet-descriptor 'business in the front, party in the back', the stage where a man's hair is too long in the back to be considered acceptable or uniform with the rest of the hair, and too short to be considered a mullet.
Person 1: " Dude, what's going on with your hair? Two more weeks without a trim and you'll be a full on Joe Dirt."

Person 2: "Yeah, I know; I need to get rid of this happy-hour ASAP! And, its pronounced 'Dirte.'"
by heinekensandjagabambsallnight October 08, 2009
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