Phrase usually preceded with "a bunch of" referring to any number of persons, incidents, conversations, speeches, an unfavorable way. A fun way to say "bullshit" or "full of shit" while also lending a nice visual.
Colts win Superbowl 41?!?! Well, isn't that just a bunch of Happy Horseshit!!!
by Bitwit February 05, 2007
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A quaint term used by the elder generation to denote frivolous activity which they find annoying. A staple of any fiesty grandparent's verbal repertoire.
"Jaime, Stacy, Pauly...knock off the happy horseshit!"
by Vajrayogi December 07, 2007
"Happy horseshit" is a phrase that describes news releases, speeches and other official language often produced by public relations people that puts the best possible - if often unrealistic - spin on a particular subject. A great deal of happy horseshit is often served up at political rallies, awards ceremonies, and in government and corporate communications in general.
President Bush informed the nation that America was on course to achieve its objectives in Iraq, though most of the viewing public assumed the statement was happy horseshit.
by Jay Holden March 01, 2006
Noun: Sentimental nonsense. A way of thinking that is dominated by pleasant generalities. Official double-talk.
Giving valentine's day cards to all your fellow employees is just a lot of happy horseshit!
by Clement Sledge March 11, 2006
A term used to shorten other phrases like "What a day!" or "Fuckin' A"
Person A: "Happy horseshit!"
by SnottyIrishman August 02, 2005

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