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A positive way of saying herpes
Hey guys guess what, Ive got the happies!
by Mike August 22, 2003
28 26
A chemical reaction
Yes. I am happy. My nipples are bursting with excitment.
by Warg August 23, 2003
1272 462
A feeling of contentment and peace, like you don't need anything else.
Dude 1: If you could have anything right now, what would you have?
Dude 2: Nothing, man. I'm happy as is.
by M. M. S. January 05, 2006
787 251
what everyone wants to be without the aid of mind-altering substances
if you need drugs to make you feeel happy, then you're not really happy
by frsky August 01, 2007
559 211
How you make me feel.
Words cannot describe how happy you make me feel.
by Karma19 September 24, 2009
282 109
1. A feeling of joy and/or contentment.

2. The name of a Butterfree owned my Ritchie in the Pokemon series.
"I feel happy today."

"Use sleep powder, Happy!"
by ProudGinger March 11, 2009
245 121
Stereotypical name for a Korean dog. Pretty much the Korean version of "Spot", or "Rover".
Sung-bin's dog's name is Happy. No, he's not gonna eat him, you racist fuck.
by wcgold May 14, 2005
258 182
bucky, cheerful, overly joyous all the time, can put people in a good mood upon interaction with
madelynne "bucky", a theater girl with plenty of girlie intuition, who finds joy in being on a boat or banana earrings, that gets excited when pudding is mentioned, and happy when there is a possibility of toyama.
by realproblempsycho April 06, 2010
46 23