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/ˈhæpənˌstæns/ Show Spelled Pronunciation hap-uhn-stans

the standing position one is in when happening, or ejaculating.

(one's happenstance is usually unique to oneself)

See happen.
Alex: "So bromeo, how'd last night go?"
Christian: "Well, I happened upon this girl, right?"
Alex: "Right."
Christian: "But this was no simple happenstance. I had my hands on my hips and my pelvis thrusted forward like I had conquered the huns."
Alex: "I'm so proud..."
by Brahmastra October 19, 2009
174 18
happening by coincidence, accidentally and unintended
By happenstance, my mom and my dad were both shopping for each other's gift in the same store.
by Caro D March 22, 2007
42 28
When something happens that makes you say.. FUCK.
(cops show up)
Well this is a happenstance.... FUCK
by JOE SCHMO468889 February 13, 2009
17 28
Some thing that happens I.e event/plan
That happenstance was unusal
by Patrick Awexome July 21, 2006
10 28
When shont gets pulled.
I was going to go to Fairfield, but at the last second I decided to just yell happenstance.
by Mark F January 24, 2004
2 23