Person who is mixed and will have evident phenotypes and genotypes are random.

Some people think they are more attractive and superior. Some people think they are a disgrace to the side of the family. Depends on who sees what. There are beautiful hapas and ugly hapas.

Genetically being mixed is totally random genetics and some people don't realize this. Even being a "pureblood" person has a mix of genetics. This is why people as a whole look different due to of genetics.

Did you know a mule is infertile and that is totally mixed hybrid? Did you know there is also thing as genetic vigor for hybrids?
Did you know there is also inbreeding depression and outbreeding depression?
All of these genetic makeups have a chance for problems or traits wanted.
Science and genetics is tricky but it goes to show genetics is random.
The point is no one is superior in genetics. So being mixed does not mean genetically superior. Neither being pureblood means genetically superior. Genetics is a random game.
Full- "Sometimes I wish for hapa looks!"
Hapa- "Sometimes I wish to look full!"
We want what we can't have sometimes... both can be jealous of each other yet like each other at the same time.
by everyoneslover March 31, 2013
Hawaiian: a person of mixed racial background. From English "half". Probably originally used in the phrase "hapa haole" = lit. "half white" ("haole" = "white person").
"Tiger Woods, he a hapa."
"So's Barack Obama."
by thnidu March 16, 2013
A term in biology for genetic supremacy. The combination of two races that come together to create a visually appealing piece of art. If Hitler had his choice he would have spit an Arlan in the eye for a glimpse of the true master race... the Hapa.
Hapa: Oliva Munn, Dean Cain, Bruno Mars, Mike Shinoda, Nicole Scherzinger, Dwain Johnson, Apolo Anton Ohno
by HapaHybrid April 26, 2011
hapa is a term originating in the Hawaiian islands, where it is used to refer to people with two or more ethnicities. It does not always mean "part asian" can be any two or more ethnicities. In the old days, hapa reffered to only being part white and part polynesian (Hawaiian). hapa means "part", so it can apply to 1/4 Hawaiian or French or whatever ethnic background as well.
i am hapa Hawai'i (part Hawaiian), hapa Palani (part French), hapa Okinawa (part Okinawan) and hapa 'Inikiki 'Amelika (part Native American)
by Hawai'ian August 17, 2009
Hapas male often have trouble when they become teenagers. In fact, asian women that married white men did so because they preferred white men and even though there is nothing wrong with it, it still creates a problem because an hapa male is still an asian male in our society, especially in the eyes of white people.

Growing up as a hapa male, you understand that your mother is like those asian american women going for white men and your dad, well, a white man having a yellow fever. Therefore, being a hapa male is often being a contradiction in the sense that you are exactly what your parents were against: an asian men.
White man with yellow fever: I love asian women and I'm glad there are asian women like your mother that like better us white men than you asian men.

Hapa male: I guess you're right
by antoine34 December 23, 2009
A mixed-race person of Asian descent. Chinese-German, Japanese-Black, Chinese-Vietnamese, Korean-Japanese, Mexican-Korean, Filipino-Welsh, are all possible Hapa combinations.

Mother might be Asian, father might be non-Asian, or vice-versa.

Hapa children might be hot as hell, or butt-ugly.

Hapa's aren't "half" of anything--how could anyone be "half" of something?
Keanu Reeves and Tiger Woods are both Hapa.
by aintnowarbaby November 30, 2003
A disgrace to the asian race. Half asian half white.
Look at that hapa. His/her parents must have be mentally ill to have such a child.
by ihatehapa July 24, 2009

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