associated with Hany. He is a rotound meat tube with triple z cup breasts. (Thinks he is da most fully hardcore Leb around... even though he is egyptian.) It actually means Hey Bro, but he says it too quickly, also has other sayings such as YA SIROS (as in you serious) and OR MA GORD BRAO (as in oh my god bro.)
Hany, get out of the bin, food is on a plate!
by Neo August 08, 2003
Top Definition
Is what you get when you mix all of your favorite things.
Cinnimon Toast Crunch + Cup O Noodles + Brown Leather + Mexican Food + Racecars + Ninjas + Die Hard with a Vengeance + Nike Freddy Krueger Lowtop Dunks + Magic Carpets + Pickled Lemons + Swords + Scooby Doo in 3D + Banana Slurpee + Porn + Baby Powder + Tickets to LegoLand = Hany
by billnmany February 02, 2010
HK, sexy kunt, great hair, strong, tank, gets the bitches, swagger and just perfect
Woah Hany is just perfect.
by gsdgersge December 01, 2013
A foreign bastard.
He touches his employees in his mind.
I need 50 Teen Burgers ASAP! EEE
by X_2_da_Z April 17, 2005
I believe Neo's post was supposed to define the word Heebaa. Hard luck.
Hany said 'Heebaa' and the crowd went wild.
by Crackabum August 12, 2003
a fat biatch who yells "heebaa!" all the time.
"last night hany went into my house and ate all my brownies! damn, i wanted to eat all of those!!"
by JOKa August 03, 2003
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