Probably the most attractive and dead on girl you will ever meet, she has a very good sense of humour and is VERY easy to talk to and get on with. Some Hannahs are vegetarian, but i dont know why because I thought most girls liked meat, WAOHHH NIAGRA FALLS.
Guy: Suck my dick?

Hannah: Sorry I can't, Im vegetarian.
by niagra March 04, 2012
Probably the most beautiful girl ever.....

She may look mysterious but always has an amazing personality, isn't a slut unlike other girls, sexy and cute at the same time, Brunette, has the most angelic and sexy voice, the most innocent, mysterious, wide brown eyes that'll make your heart skip a beat.

She has the most exotic, smooth and the most silky hair running down her shoulders, delicate rosy red lips that make you feel wild over her and a cute little nose to top it all up.

She is always cheerful and optimistic about life, always makes you laugh, even if some of her jokes aren't funny, you can't help but laugh at them. She also has the most prettiest smile that warms up your heart.

She's a girl who you'd always hug or cuddle with, even when times are rough. And always knows how to have fun when the time is right.

Guy 1: Whoa, who's that fit bird?!?!?

Guy 2:Hannah.

Guy 1:FUCK!!! She's cute and sexy at the same time!!

Guy 2:She sure is!!

Guy 1:I guess I'll say HI to her.

Guy 2:Good luck man. Remember, it's a Hannah, just be yourself and she's all yours mate.
by Carguy412 November 03, 2012
Hannah is someone that doesn't typically say much at first. She is someone that only talks when she actually has something funny or humorous to say. She is possibly one of the most beautiful people you will ever see. Its the kind of beauty that cant be denied. The beauty that has a whole different category of its own. She is easy to talk to about ANYTHING. She will make you laugh by being her weird self. Shes not afraid to make a fool of herself. She usually has little Corks about her that nobody notices until they take the time to get to know her. But once you you go Hannah, you never go back. ( :
Wow, Hannah is so compassionate.

I think i just saw Hannah walking down the hall.
by Cammy cam March 29, 2011
Hannah can be typically defined as someone who is mysterious in the way that she does not want to tell the world her business. She tends to be quite even though in her mind can be very wordy. when she is around her family and close friends she may never shut up. Hannah's typically are really good looking but modest about their appearance.
Hannah, helpful, athletic, natural, normal, attractive, honest
by hannah'soutthere March 17, 2011
Likes long walks on glass. Can't get a boyfriend so replaced it with a cow. Likes eatting dog shit cause of the texture. Likes watching hardcore porn with her stuffed animals... and Dad. Often runs into poles. Has ugly eyes often eats toothpaste when hungry while hitting herself in the head with a brick. Then ends the day trying to fit 5 pineapples in her ass.
Don't touch it, Run it's a Hannah.
by Hannah3atz4ss September 03, 2016
Likes hard fat dick in her butt at all times. Has random cravings for ballsack in her mouth. Likes picking her teeth with toenails and eats big humongous horse dick
person 1. See that chick with the horse dick in her mouth
person 2. Ya looks like a Hannah to me
by Hannah3atz4ss September 03, 2016
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