Hannah can be a very loyal friend, but don't upset her or you'll end up with a broken heart and minus one best friend!
Hannah's friend- Hannah is an awesome friend!

Hannah's ex- Yeah, but she dumped me two weeks ago. I don't know why!
by PiperMcLean#3 June 25, 2015
Coolest stoner you'll ever meet. Gotta thick booty. Makes some banging food. She'll SHOW you what that mouf do.
-Wow, is that Hannah?

~Yeah, ask her what that mouf do.

* 10 minutes later *
-She sure showed me!
by mynoduespistaken November 27, 2014
A girl that is very selfish who gets jealous a lot and tries to take friends from people and is very jealous when it comes to her friends but otherwise is pretty
Hannah is...
by Krustcrab February 20, 2015
The most amazing person you will ever ever meet in your life. She is just so amazing that you will never meet anyone better then her ever in your life. She is beautiful and never fat ever. She loves being amazing and if you dont agree you are gay.
Hannah is the most amazingest person i have ever met in my life. :D
by TheBestPersonEver:D April 01, 2011
A girl with a strong will and tough personality, always too confident
Hannah has a lot of stupid ideas
by skittlez9000 February 22, 2015
Absolutely the most amazing friend you could have, always has your back no matter what. And will pimp slap any douche who messes with you. Very sensitive....dont make her mad..or else you'll regret it. One of the funniest people you'll ever meet. Very fond of "Your mom" this, or "Your mom" that.
You won't regret meeting a Hannah.
"Hmm..what to do today?"

Hannah: Your mom.
by BrotherFromAnotherBrother July 01, 2011
The biggest bitch you have ever meet
Girl 1: Look here comes a Hannah
Girl 2: I herd she is the biggest bitch ever
by Diva1086 August 30, 2015

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